Sunday, May 4, 2008

G.I. Crap

I do not know what possesses movie makers and costume designers take a cool idea and turn into a heaping pile of crap! If you were a boy in the 80's the idea of a live action G.I. Joe movie should be as exciting as, oh I don't know, a live action Transformers movie. I was all giddy with the idea.

Until I saw these cast photos.

Seriously, Marlan Wayans? They couldn't do any better. The only person who looked remotely cool is Dennis Quaid. And that's just because it's Dennis frickin' Quaid!


Janine said...

I'm just dieing for my daughter to see those outfits (that was sarcastic). There as bad as the women in the comic books and movies. Really empowering women - You can be in the army and be tough but you must wear heels and look like this!

Sorry I was a girl in the eighties and I was was watching Shera. Did they dress like that in the show?

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